Welcome to the November 2020 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! We have lots of goodies for you this month!

First up in Essays, we have two pieces by Laurelei Black: “An American Patchwork: Barn Quilts and Hex Signs in the Rural Landscape” and “Thanksgiving, Fakelore, and the Journey to Decolonize My Craft.” Next, in Fiction, we have part two of Rebecca Buchanan’s on-going urban fantasy/paranormal romance “The Necromancer’s Guide to Not Dying While Saving the World (And Falling in Love).” That is followed by Interviews, where we sit down with Rebecca Chastain, author of the Terra Haven Chronicles and the Madison Fox series; healer, shaman, and author Francesca De Grandis; weird and horror poet, Ashley Dioses; graphic artist, editor, and publisher Dan Sauer of Jackanapes Press; and witch, author, and activist, Laura Tempest Zakroff. In Lifestyle, we have thoughts on kitchen witchery and intuition in “Magic in a Tuna Salad Sandwich” by Shedon Slinkard; musings on “The Magic of Autumnal Honey” by Ashley Nicole Hunter; and “20 Things to Be Thankful for in 2020,” also by Ashley Nicole Hunter. Finally in Reviews we take a look at The Clovenstone Workings by Robin Artisson; Hook, Line, and Slinker by Martin Shannon; Lost Goddesses of Early Greece by Charlene Spretnak and Edidt Geever; and Manners and Monsters by Tilly Wallace.

Then it’s on to the Members section! If you sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, you get exclusive access to the essays “Notes on the Turkey, Sacred Bird of North America” by Ashley Nicole Hunter; “On Writing Our Own: The Five Best Practices of Pagan Authors (Plus One Extra)” by Rebecca Buchanan; “Revitalizing Thanksgiving as a Harvest Festival” by Ashley Nicole Hunter; and “Toward a Rooted Practice: On Trees, Water, and Practicing in Place” by Laurelei Black. As well as a brand new historical fantasy story, “The Headless Horsemen: A Tale of Lavinia the Vestal” by Rebecca Buchanan.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas for articles? Don’t hesitate to post in our comments section, or reach out to us at ev0kepublication@gmail.com. And, as always, enjoy!

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