December 2021

December 2021

Welcome to the December 2021 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! And, first up, we have a very special announcement. Before you go any further, read all about Sigil House Productions.

Then it’s on to Essays, where Laurelei Black continues her series on Festival Planning 101, with a discussion of marketing and public relations. Then it’s on to Fiction, where readers can find part fourteen of Rebecca Buchanan’s serialized “The Necromancer’s Guide to Not Dying While Saving the World (And Falling in Love).” In Interviews, we sit down with Luke Eastwood, author of a new book on the history of Samhain; Clay Franklin Johnson, who is releasing his first book of gothic- and Keats-inspired poetry; and Lynne Sedgmore, activist and Goddess devotee, whose new book offers an alternative to traditional patriarchal leadership models. In Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter considers “A Month of Endings, A Year of Beginnings,” while in Reviews, we delve into The Ettinfell of Beacon Hill by Adam Bolivar, Muckrakers and Minotaurs by Rebecca Chastain, and Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire.

Then it’s on to the Members Only section! In Essays, Ashley Nicole Hunter wonders what happens “When You Realize You’re Not Cut Out For the Priesthood.” In Fiction, Rebecca Buchanan offers part two of her alternate history/polytheist mystery “Child of the Waters.” And then in Lifestyle, Rebecca Buchanan digs into “Magic and Mystery and Mayhem, Oh My! Six Pagan-Friendly Story Games.”

As always, enjoy the issue. And, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to post here or email us at


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