August 2022

August 2022

Welcome to the August 2022 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! We have some exciting new offerings for you this issue!

First up, we would like to welcome Scriba Bryant, who is launching their new column, ev0king the Green. Each month, Bryant will discuss the myth, lore, and medicinal properties of a different herb. They start with the much misunderstood mugwort.

Next is ev0king the Question, in which we invite regular contributors and guests to address issues important to the Pagan/polytheist community. Drawing on a variety of traditions and philosophies, our first column addresses the matter of “the Gods and morality.”

Then it’s on to our regular offerings! We have a new ev0king the Moon column, this time with an article about lithomancy from Jessica Howard. In Fiction, we have part one of a two-part alternate history/psychic mystery, “Madeleine Green and the Ghost of Flight 283” by Rebecca Buchanan. In Interviews, we sit down with Carol Day, author Story Compass: An Unprecedented Journey of Discovery with Myth and Life; Steven Dillon, author of Pagan Portals: Polytheism: A Platonic Approach; Lady Haight-Ashton, author of The Temple Priestesses of Antiquity; and Lisa McSherry, author of A Witch’s Guide to Crafting Your Practice: Create a Magickal Path That Works for You. And in Reviews, we delve into The Bureau of Magical Things, the webcomic The Queen and the Woodborn by Shiniez, and Queens of the Wild: Pagan Goddesses in Christian Europe by Ronald Hutton.

Then it’s on to the Members Only section! In Essays, Ashley Nicole Hunter continues her series on The Twelve Sacred Trees of North America with a column on the sycamore. In Fiction, it’s part five of Rebecca Buchanan’s fantasy/murder mystery, “Honey in the Snow” (to be concluded in our September issue). And in Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter shows us “How to Make ‘Sea Water’ for Offerings and Cleansings.”

As always, we hope that you enjoy the issue. Please post any comments or questions, or reach out to us at

— the ev0ke Folx

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