Welcome to the October 2022 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! First, a very special announcement!

We’re on Kickstarter! That’s right. ev0ke, though our parent company Sigil House Productions, is launching a Kickstarter to fund publication of Pagan Pathways: The Secrets of the Library of Alexandria. You can read all about this project in our Special Announcement section.

Then it’s on to our monthly columns. In ev0king the Moon, guest Katrina Townsend addresses the issue of Paganism, devotion to nature, and taking a stance against rampant consumerism. In ev0king the Question, new and returning contributors offer their thoughts on the matter of polytheism versus monotheism. Is polytheism just monotheism in a different form? Then it’s on to Fiction, where Rebecca Buchanan wraps up her psychic/mystery adventure, “Madeleine Green and the Ghost of Flight 283.” In Interviews, we sit down with Robin Corak, author of Pagan Portals: Demeter; Scott J. Couturier, author of I Awaken in October; Melanie Godfrey, author of Ancient Fayerie; and Ryan McClain, author of Pagan Portals: Abnoba. And finally, in Reviews, we take a look at Guild of Tokens by Jon Auerbach and Not Your Heroine by Zoe Cannon.

Then it’s on to the Member Only section! In Essays, Ashley Nicole Hunter continues her series on the sacred trees of North America with a new column on the elm. In Fiction, Rebecca Buchanan offers part two of her game- and magic-themed adventure, “Geek Witch and the Treacherous Tome of Deadly Danger.” And in Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter has three articles: one on bone broth, one on proper graveyard etiquette, and one on dirt and its myriad magical properties.

Question, comments, or concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the comments section or via email at sigilhouseproductions@gmail.com.

And, as always, enjoy!

— the ev0ke Folx

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