Welcome to the 2022 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! We have lots of goodies for you this month, as well as several announcements.

First, ev0ke is pleased to announce the publication of our first book! The Secret of the Sunken Temple (Sigil House Productions) is now available on all digital platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. A romantic adventure, this first in a Pagan-specific trilogy features magic, derring-do, narrow escapes, lost treasure, ancient ruins, and kisses!

Second, our kickstarter in support of Pagan Pathways: The Secrets of the Library of Alexandria has closed. Unfortunately, it did not reach its funding goal. But all is not lost! We’re launching an IndieGoGo to raise what funds we can, and those will go towards publication of the book in 2023. We’ll post the link here as soon as the campaign launches.

And third, we’re looking for contributors! Beginning with our December 2022 issue — centered around the theme of “astrology” — guest contributors will be paid $5 for every accepted piece and receive a free year-long subscription to ev0ke. So, send us your essays, lifestyle articles, reviews, and short stories. (Please note that reviews do not have to align with any issue’s specific theme.)

Now it’s on to the new issue! First up is ev0king the Green, in which Scriba discusses “The Herbal Spear: Garlic.” In evoking the Moon, Ceri Norman delves into the Celtic ogham, while in ev0king the Question, we ask “what is your favorite mythical animal?” Then in Interviews we sit down with Taylor Ellwood (author of Inner Alchemy), Brendan Myers (author of The Circle of Life Is Broken), and Katrina Townsend (author of The Anti-Consumerist Druid). Finally, in Reviews we look at Curse of the Phoenix by Dan Willis and Pantheon: The Norse by Morgan Daimler (guest reviewed by Lyri Merrill).

Then it’s on to the Members Only section! In Essays, Laurelei Black delves in Goddess Spirituality with “Beyond Maiden, Mother, and Crone,” while Rebecca Buchanan opens a new series with “Faith and Fairy Tales: Are Fairy Tales of Value to Modern Pagans?” Then Ashley Nicole Hunter steps up with two essays: part eleven of her series on the twelve sacred trees of North America (this time, redwood), and “Why Your Personal Practice Has Stalled (And Six Ways to Get It Back).” Then in Fiction, Rebecca Buchanan has part three of her four-part game-centric tale, “Geek Witch and the Treacherous Tome of Deadly Danger.” And in Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter has “The ev0ke Holiday Shopping Guide” and “Musk Owns Twitter: What That Could Mean for Witches and Pagans.”

Not a member? Signing up his inexpensive and easy! Just click the Join Us link at the top of the page to enjoy the entire issue.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at ev0kepublication@gmail.com, or post in the comments.

— the ev0ke Folx

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