Welcome to the December 2022 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! We have so many awesome offerings for you this month, many of them centered around the theme of astrology!

First, two quick notes. For the past several years, subscriptions to ev0ke have been only $3US. Come January 2023, that will change to $5US/month or $30/year. The reason for that is — we are now open to submissions! ev0ke is looking for art, essays, fiction, interviews, lifestyle articles, poetry, and reviews. A complete list of our upcoming themes, as well as the accompanying ev0king the Question, can be found on our Submissions page. Payment is $5 plus a free subscription to ev0ke. Submissions are open the first to the fifteenth of each month.

On to the new issue!

First up is our brand-new Featured Article section. This month, we have an exclusive tarot reading courtesy of Tarotfellow. In Essays, guest author Gabrielle Nightshade delves into social media with “Magick on Mastodon: A How-To Guide to Decentralized Social Media,” while Ashley Nicole Hunter offers “Teach Yourself Astrology: Four Free Resources to Begin a Relationship With the Stars.” Scriba returns with a new ev0king the Green, this time looking at “Herbal Allies for Learning Astrology.” In ev0king the Moon, guest Elen Sentier offers suggestions for how to “Rewild Your Heart.” And in ev0king the Question, regular and guest contributors address the question “Do the Gods Have a Gender?” We also have an Interview this month with astrologer and author, Bill Duvendack. In Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter has two pieces, both filled with beautiful free graphics: “Which Zodiac Sign Are You?” and “Zodiac Mantras For Your Phone.” Finally, we have three Reviews: “Of Visions and Secrets” by Kathryn Ann Kingsley, “On Writing (And Reading!) Short” by Ron Collins, and “Spirit Rangers” (on Netflix).

Then it’s on to the Members Only section! We have our first ever Artwork, “Stardust,” courtesy of Emerald Arts. There are four offerings this month in our Columns section; first is the brand new “The Celestial Beacon,” an on-going astrology column by Bill Duvendack; then Laurelei Black’s new “Chalk and Cheese” column, focusing on the the folklore of food; third is Rebecca Buchanan’s “Faith and Fairy Tales,” with a Pagan interpretation of “Cinderella”; and finally part twelve of Ashley Nicole Hunter’s examination of the sacred trees of North America, this time looking at spruce. In Essays, Scriba offers the deeply personal “Animism and Astrology: My Beginner Breakthrough.” Fiction contains part four and the epilogue to Rebecca Buchanan’s urban fantasy/adventure “Geek Witch and the Treacherous Tome of Deadly Danger.” In Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter digs into “Essential Tools for Modern Astrologers,” while Sheldon Slinkard looks into the recipe and uses of “A Winter Simmer Pot.” And our brand-new section Poetry highlights “Horoscopes in Verse” by Jennifer Elise Wang.

As always, please leave any comments or questions, or email us directly at ev0kepublication@gmail.com. And enjoy!

–the ev0ke Folx

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