Welcome to the July 2023 issue of ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle! Our theme for this month is the modern-day revival of Paganism, or the Pagan Renaissance. As such, you will find discussions of how to live a magical, devotional life; leadership in Paganism; and some introductory prayers and poems.

First up is our Playlist! Enjoy some of our favorite songs and orchestral arrangements that call to mind the devotions of the ancient world, and the prayers of modern devotees. Next, in ev0king the Moon, guest columnist Morgan Daimler discusses seidhr, a gift of the Goddess Freya for the whole world. In ev0king the Question, contributors discuss which ancient practices they would like to see be revived by contemporary polytheists. In Interviews, we sit down with Troy Kokoszka, author of Bogowie: A Study of Eastern Europe’s Ancient Gods; and Dianna Rhyan, author of Staff of Laurel, Staff of Ash: Sacred Landscape in Ancient Nature Myth. And in Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter offers up the next installment in her free Writer’s Oracle Deck.

Then it’s on to the Members’ Only section! In Columns, Reverend Bill Duvendack offers the latest Celestial Beacon, while Rebecca Buchanan looks at fairy tales as gateways to Paganism in Faith and Fairy Tales. In Essays, Sheldon Slinkard looks at how to bridge the gap between folk remedies and western medicine, and what leadership looks like in the modern Pagan community. In Lifestyle, Ashley Nicole Hunter offers advice on how to live a magical life in an urban environment, followed up by “This Is Your Sign.” Finally, in Poetry, Rebecca Buchanan offers four basic prayers and hymns which can be recited verbatim or adapted as needed: “Call to All the Gods,” “Hymn to Gaea and the Holy Ones,” “Prayer For a Gentle Death,” and “Prayer for Protection.”

Come back in the middle of July, and we’ll have more original columns, essays, and reviews for you to enjoy! Meanwhile, post any comments or questions, or reach out to us at ev0kepublication@gmail.com.

— the ev0ke Folx

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