October Movie Watchlist

October Movie Watchlist

Welcome to our annual watch list for the month of October! This year in 2023, we’re not listing the specific streaming service each movie can be found on as we’ve noticed these can change mid-month and new streaming services seem to be coming out all the time. Even so, we hope that you enjoy our selections for the month!

As always, we’ve tried to include a mix of adult and family-friendly movies in the list.

Did we miss any of your favorite witchy movies?

1. Pumpkinhead

2. The Craft

3. Hellbender

4. Gretel and Hansel

5. Practical Magic

6. The VVitch

7. Suspiria (original)

8. Inferno

9. Mother of Tears

10. Hocus Pocus

11. Wildwitch

12. Twitches

13. The Brothers Grimm

14. The Blair Witch

[Compiled by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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