The Writer’s Oracle Deck — October Special

The Writer’s Oracle Deck — October Special

We say that the Veil is thin during this time of the year, that the dead draw especially close. Most of the year is spent avoiding death, carefully hiding it away in sterile rooms where it is scentless and quiet and we do not have to face it. But for this month, oh, for this month, we revel in it. Some embrace the gore, the antithesis of a clean and well organized life. Others love it for the fresh bite it gives to living. For us, we welcome it as an old friend and lover, since for many of us it holds in its embrace our dearly departed.

The oracle cards for this month are themed around death, and as always, we have included a selection of blank cards for you to make your own.

Do not be afraid of death, beloved. Know that it is part of life, an old companion that has always walked beside you, and as natural as the moon and the stars. It is only when we cross its threshold that we take the first steps on the next leg of our collective journey.

Blank Cards
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[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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