Fiction: Cosmic Return

Fiction: Cosmic Return

You stand at the edge of the field, wind sweeping your legs. Nothing moves but the cosmic winds pull as you watch the anchor that kept your spirit to your body start to fade, sparkling out into this universe that you formed and now return to. Your vessel is losing feeling. All feelings and memories of pain drain away and you are weightless. Color bleeds away and you say farewell to the final time that you will be this collection of connections and energy.

“It is time.”

The presence that stands next to you is perceived from stars and shadows, all apex angles and dark soaked circles that blend into watercolor smudges.

Winds push harder but nothing else moves. The vessel that once held you is now fading along with the ties that bound you. Love and memories of joy release you and your particles bleed into the grass, the earth below and the air above. You are the buzzing insects, the exhaled breath of the birds, the beating heart of the animals in the trees.

Your guide takes your understanding of fingers in theirs and then gently pulls you towards the sky until you too become the dust, blending and melding with the starlight.

The dust mingles and you split; particles to the trees, to the earth, and then a first breath of another breathing child, taking its first scream into the world.

The End

[Written by April Moonsage.]

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