Article: Indie Tabletop Roleplaying Games for the Season of the Witch

Article: Indie Tabletop Roleplaying Games for the Season of the Witch

Halloween is a magical time for many of us and any way we can immerse ourselves into that energy is fantastic. One of my favorite ways is to bring that vibe to the game table with some witchy table top role playing games. This list is of indie games that you should check out to play solo or with your geeky coven.

Tangled Blessings by Cassi Mothwin is a dark academia TTRPG that can be played solo or with a partner. You’re sorted into a house, take magic classes, and even have a rival you must eventually duel. It’s a fantastic storyline with lots of dark twists and turns.

While you’re at it, if you play Dungeons and Dragons, be sure to grab What Crooked Roots, a D&D folk horror supplement to bring some of the old gods and creepy woods to your table.

Village Witch by Kestral Eliot wherein you are a fledgeling witch in a fantasy world. You’ve completed your training and must now find a place to spend a year offering your services (very much like Kiki’s Delivery Service).

If you’re looking for something a little darker, check out my own version of the game, Village Necromancer.

Interested in having all the feels as well as potion brewing? Try The Solace Solution by Aratlon wherein you and a partner brew a potion to mend your broken relationship (platonic or otherwise).

Want some games that hit a close to your magical practice (perhaps even too close)?

Sigils in the Dark by Kurt Potts is a system to create your own magical symbols albeit perhaps for nefarious deeds.

Wreck This Deck by Black Armada Games is a legacy game system wherein you turn a deck of playing cards into a stack of talismans for magical purposes, binding entities/demons to your bidding, and helping your chosen community.

A Shrine for Something Forgotten by Junk Food Games is a sweet game wherein you create a shrine using found or collected objects.

Tarot Telling for Two by Dvaleris teaches the art of storytelling and intuitive tarot reading as you and a partner follow the hero’s journey together.

While it’s not out yet, you can also pre-order Witches of Midnight by Balsamic Games. It’s a “hopeful horror game” with a system based on an alternative modern era of lore and consent-focused narrative. Play as a witch fighting against the powers that be for your freedom and the freedom of your partners and coven to be who they are.

Last but not least, be sure to grab Heroic Archivist by kamada1. This is somewhat meta but it’s a game about playing games. It’s a great fun way to make sure you are giving love to game creators by remembering to rate and review their TTRPGs. Besides, who doesn’t grieve the loss of the Library of Alexandria and want to be one of its curators? No? Just me?

[Dex (they/them) is a pagan horror fanatic based in the folk horror hills of Appalachia. Find more of their work at @SmallTownCreepy on all socials.]

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