Poetry: Five Poems for Anat

Poetry: Five Poems for Anat

[Author’s Note: Anat, also known as Anatu and Anath, is the ancient Canaanite Goddess of hunting and warfare. Her worship spread throughout the Levant, north into Anatolia, and south into Egypt. She is often associated with her brother, who is usually addressed as Ba’al (“lord”).]


pure one: she readies herself
for her lord, bathing
in dew and sweet ambergris


virgin-warrior, she takes the
seven heads of the
serpent, lord of ancient seas


in her tantrum she
pulls his gray
beard: amused, he laughs


like a leopard cub
she is: swift
fearless and sharp-toothed


she makes a skirt of
their hands, a
necklace of their tongues

[Written by Rebecca Buchanan.]

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