The Writer’s Oracle Deck: Prosperity Edition

The Writer’s Oracle Deck: Prosperity Edition

There are three things that will eternally be the subject of the most frequent tarot spreads: love, health, and wealth. It’s this last subject that’s the focus of this month’s free Writer’s Oracle deck. We’ve tried to focus more on the positive aspects of wealth, as money itself is not evil. The evil lies in the hoarding, how wealth is often achieved, and what is (or is not) done with it.

Remember at all times that wealth, like health and (too often) love, can be fleeting. Seek to protect yourself against future hardships when you’re lucky enough to find wealth, and remember to be good to those whom wealth has yet to grace.

As always, we’ve provided a free set for you to add your own quotes to. We would love to see which quotes you feel we missed!

[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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