Poetry: Prayer in Ancient Egyptian

Poetry: Prayer in Ancient Egyptian

[Author’s Note: Spelled phonetically with translation afterward in parentheses.]

Hotep Titi, anuk pau hem ek  (I come in peace slowly, I am your servant)

Eb wedjuh, senab (I want prosperity and health)

Eb nefer ankh (I want a beautiful life)

Amulet Maat ka riab (Magic balance my soul please)

D’wa Ra, D’wa Isis (Thank you Ra, the Sun God, Thank you Isis, the Moon Goddess)

D’wa Hapi, D’wa Shekmet (Thank you Hapi, God of The River Nile, Thank you Shekmet, Goddess of Healing)

D’wa Hathor, D’wa Horus (Thank you Hathor, Goddess of Love, Thank you Horus God of the sky)

D’w moot Kemet (Thank you mother Egypt)

[Ginger Strivelli is a Witch, artist, and writer from North Carolina. She has written for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Circle Magazine, Autism Parenting Magazine, Silver Blade, various other magazines and several anthology books. She loves to travel the world and make arts and crafts. She considers herself a storyteller entertaining and educating through her writing.]

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