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Here are our upcoming themes for 2023, along with their accompanying ev0king the Question. Submissions should be in line with the theme.

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January: Tarot and Oracle Decks (deadline 15 December 2022)
Ev0king the Question: What is your opinion of the increasing popularity of tarot and other oracle decks in mainstream and popular culture?

February: African Diaspora and African contributions to modern Paganism (deadline 15 January 2023)
Ev0king the Question: Marie Laveau gets a lot of press, but who else from the African Diaspora community or early modern Paganism deserves attention?

March: Cats (deadline 15 February 2023)
Ev0king the Question: Why do you think cats have historically been the most popular familiar for Western witches?

April: Gods and Goddesses of Witchcraft (deadline 15 March 2023)
Ev0king the Question: Hekate is the most popular Deity associated with witchcraft, but there are other Deities of magic. Who is your favorite, or which Deities would you like to see receive more devotion?

May: Sex Magic (deadline 15 April 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What is your opinion on sex magic, the morality thereof, and its effectiveness?

June: Pride Month (deadline 15 May 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What might a sacred story immortalizing an LGBTQIA+ icon look like today? Do you factor Stonewall, Pride, or marriage equality into your sacred cosmology? Do you view some deities as being particularly linked with LGBTQIA identities or breaking gender norms?

July: Pagan Renaissance: Getting Started in Paganism (deadline 15 June 2023)
Ev0king the Question: If you could revive one ancient practice relating to the gods, what would it be?

August: The Moon (deadline 15 July 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What is your favorite myth, folktale, or fairy tale featuring the moon, and why?

September: On hiatus!

October: The Afterlife (deadline 15 September 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What do you believe happens to you after death? Is it specific to your practice?

November: Prosperity Magic (deadline 15 October 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What is your favorite inexpensive, simple spell for prosperity?

December: Art and Music (deadline 15 November 2023)
Ev0king the Question: What is your favorite artistic depiction (painting, mosaic, statue, et cetera) of a Deity or group of Deities? What is your favorite piece of music about a holy day or a Deity/Deities?


Meet our editorial staff and regular contributors below.

Ashley Nicole Hunter is a founding editor and regular contributor to ev0ke. She studies myths, fairy tales, and folklore, and has published a few pieces in a number of reputable (and otherwise) publications. Between publishing adventures, she also works as a freelance editor and ghostwriter.

She is currently writing a book on the magic of dirt, soil, and decay. You can support her and follow her projects through her LinkTree.

Laurelei Black is a hedge-rider, a Cunning Woman, a traveler on the crooked path of the Witch. She is  a priestess of love and pleasure, an Ishtar-woman, an Aphrodite-woman. She is a friend to daemons and a mate to the Red God. A bone collector; a temple dancer. 

Pioneering writer within the domains of Aphrodisian studies and American Folkloric Witchcraft, Laurelei is also a co-Director and frequent presenter at the Babalon Rising Pan-Thelemic Festival, a co-Director of Camp Midian (Festivals), and the proud operator of Asteria Books and Events and of the Blade & Broom shop. 

She will be offering ev0ke readers a deeper examination of folkloric witchcraft. Check out for access to her web presence.

Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the literary Pagan ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer. She has released four short story collections, and two poetry collections. She has been published in a wide variety of venues, a complete list of which can be found at EHS. When she is not writing, she is attempting to garden.