~ The April 2023 Playlist ~
The Deities of Witchcraft compiled by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Being Bewitched by the Moon by Frances Billinghurst

~ ev0king the Question ~
Hekate is the most popular Deity associated with witchcraft, but there are other Deities of magic. Who is your favorite, or which Deities would you like to see receive more devotion?

~ Interviews ~
Jessica Howard, author of Pagan Portals: The Water Witch

~ Lifestyle ~
The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Part Four by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Reviews ~
The Art of the Poetic Line by James Longenbach
Cinder Ella by ST Lynn
Dwarves and Daises: A Cozy Holiday Urban Fantasy Story by Scott Walker
Welcome to Potion Con by RK Ashwick

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Art ~
Candles by Gary Bloom
The Magician by Austin Lubetkin
Pentacle by Gary Bloom

~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Reverend Bill Duvendack
Faith and Fairy Tales: Three Witches by Rebecca Buchanan
Intuition 101: The Intimacy of Intuition — Part Four by Sheldon Slinkard

~ Essays ~
In Service of Hekate, Goddess of Witches and Those Who Are Othered by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Fiction ~
Her Starlight by Mord McGhee
The Maiden and the Marrow Witch — Part One and Part Two and Part Three and Part Four and Part Five by Rebecca Buchanan

~ Lifestyle ~
Shrines for Hekate by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Poetry ~
Ghostwriting a Witch to tie the knot before Climax: A Violent Soap-Opera (II) by Nnadi Samuel
In a joke, you called me Persephone by Selena Cotte

~ Rite ~
Four Praises for Hekate by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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