The Witch of Wonderlust

While we’re not out of the woods yet (Arkansas has been putting up “In God We Trust” posters in its public schools, for crying out loud…so much for the separation of church and state…), this is a pretty good time to be a practicing witch or a Pagan. There’s hundreds of books out there for us to read about our practice and our faith, countless festivals to attend, and plenty of great online classes to take. We’re flush with options, especially if you’re just getting started.

But what to do if you can’t afford any of that, or if you just want something to listen to while you’re doing homework, cleaning house, or working on a project? YouTube has you covered. Here are five YouTube channels full of witchy, Pagan-y goodness for you to start watching.

1. The Witch of Wonderlust

This is one of my most recent finds and has quickly become a favorite for me. I was first attracted by the care she puts into her videos (That music! Those gorgeous shots!), but stayed because I appreciated how she had something to present for both new practitioners AND established ones. She’s also very good about bringing guests on and acknowledging her supporters. If you find (like me) that you can get enough of the Witch of Wonderlust, there’s also a Discord community that’s sprung up around her:

2. Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot

Stop begging for free tarot readings from your friends and start watching Shonnetta (but, you know, still support her if you can). She gives general weekly readings to let her followers know what’s coming up, and she explains the meanings behind the cards so you’re learning something WHILE you’re read.

3. Jordan Clark

Jordan might not actually be a witch, but she sure puts out enough content to keep you satisfied, from her deep respect for the environment to her cute moon phases booklets she shows you how to make. Watch her when you’re feeling a need to put the “craft” back into your “witchcraft”.

4. Got2BOshun This blessed woman is sharing the faith of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Have you noticed there are not enough black witches and Pagans represented on YouTube? Let alone trying to practice the ancestral faith of their people? Because when making this list I sure did. Thankfully I got a step closer to fixing that for my personal subscription list when I found this writer. Oh yeah, did I mention she also has a book out: Ona Agbani: The Ancient Path: Understanding And Implementing The Ways Of Our Ancestors.

5. Cutewitch772

Also known as CaraMia, it’s going to be rough for you to find a more informative witch channel on YouTube than hers (but why would you stress yourself out looking?). CaraMia takes the time to get to know her fans, and she’ll also come out and speak at your events if you book her.

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