~ ev0king the Moon ~
Southern Conjure and Bioregionalism by Taren S.

~ Interviews ~
Daniela Simina, author of Pagan Portals: Where Fairies Meet
Rachel Patterson, author of The Gods and Goddesses of England
Merri-Todd Webster, author Loving the Beautiful Boy: Hymns and Prayers to Antinuous

~ Review ~
Claws and Contrivances by Stephanie Burgis

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Column ~
The Celestial Beacon by Reverend Bill Duvendack

~ Fiction ~
Give and Take of Silver Hand by Emmie Christie

~ Poetry ~
Autumn Moon Festival by Rebecca Buchanan
Clair de Lune by Ciarán Parkes
Full Moon Chant by Ginger Strivelli
Lleuad by Tom Edwards
Two Hymns to Khonsu by Rebecca Buchanan
Woman Drinks the Moon by Lauren Tivey

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