Talking My Path: Scarlet Magdalene

[Welcome to our column, Talking My Path. Here, polytheists, witches, and Pagans of any tradition are invited to discuss and celebrate their spirituality in a series of five short questions. If you would like to participate, don’t hesitate to email us at]

ev0ke: How do you define your particular tradition or path? Does it have a specific name?

SM: I am a Greek polytheist. I am also an initiate in two different initiatory Wiccan traditions, Chthonioi-Alexandrian and Blue Star.

ev0ke: Which Deities, powers, or other spirits are honored in your tradition?

SM: The Greek pantheon as a Greek polytheist is my primary focus and is also such in both Hellenism and Chthonioi-Alexandrian Wicca. I also honor and work with various types of nature spirits, ancestors, et cetera.

ev0ke: Among the various festivals and holy days celebrated in your tradition, which is the most important to you, and why?

SM: We’re at a bit of a loss in the Hellenic world because most people only really know the Athenian calendar. Some have chosen to use only it, adapt it to the modern day, combine it with other holidays that have been Hellenized, or adapt the pagan wheel of the year to have a Hellenic focus. We didn’t have a universal calendar or set of festivals back in the day as each city had their own, and frequently multiple calendars at that. I personally have adapted the pagan wheel of the year and honor Hades, Persephone, Demeter, and Dionysos at the equinoxes, et cetera. I’m not sure if any particular holiday stands out for me, but I have a particular attraction to honoring the cycle of life and death in the descent and ascent of Persephone to and from the underworld, respectively.

ev0ke: Which texts, websites, or other resources would you recommend to someone interested in your traditions?

SM: I recommend my 101 site on Hellenism, which includes examples of rituals and a reading list.

ev0ke: Is there anything you would like to add, such as creative projects you are undertaking, festivals or events you will be attending, and so on?

SM: I also blog on my faith and traditions over at Patheos Pagan.