A Simple Recipe for a Freezer Hex

As we enter into those cold months, let us not be held back by petty folks, nasty exes, backstabbing office mates, or snooping neighbors. Rather than wasting time and energy on them, draw your inspiration from the cold outdoors and slam them with a freezer hex!

A freezer hex is, in the simplest terms, a bit of magic designed to freeze a person in their tracks, whether that person is spreading gossip about you or just being a general nuisance. This is a favorite spell of many people because of the convenience (most of us are fortunate enough to have a freezer) and the possibilities for truly customizing the spell with various tweaks.

  • Add vinegar to the water if you want a person to stew in their own bitterness.
  • Intensify the attraction the spell has to the target by adding some of their hair or clothing.
  • Slide a mirror into the water if you want to combine a mirror spell with the freezer spell (sending all of their hate and negativity back to them, and preventing them from weaseling out of it).

Even for the most hesitant of us, a freezer spell can feel like an acceptable hex to cast because of the relatively innocuous nature of it. At worst, you are simply making a person “chill out” and keep to themselves, after all. What they do with all that alone-time is entirely up to them, but here’s hoping they use it to do some shadow work.

[Ashley Nicole Hunter is a founding editor and regular contributor of ev0ke. She also serves on the board of directors of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.]