Seven Magical Webtoons to Carry You Through the Winter

Winter is a traditionally good time to kick back with a book and read by the fire (even if that fire is only on YouTube), but maybe, like so many, you just don’t feel you have the time to devote to a book. Worry not, witches! ev0ke has you covered! Read on to discover seven of the best magical Webtoons currently available, absolutely free, for anyone who downloads the Webtoons app! Is this sponsored? Heck no, sadly. I just have a newfound addiction!

The Sea in You

Mermaids, but vicious. Families, but huge. And so, so much of a toxic relationship to work out before you can be with the one who truly loves you. If you grew up loving The Little Mermaid, this … well, this is going to shock you. If you grew up wondering what else mermaids could look like, though, what their families must be like, and how they would survive in our modern oceans, then you’re in for a treat. I’m especially thrilled by the inclusion of American Sign Language as being a significant plot point!

Lore Olympus

A retelling of ancient Greek myths with lots of modernity mixed in. People on earth are still in the “ancient Greek” era, while the gods of Olympus and the Underworld have modern electronics. Reminds me of how advanced Greek gods were said to be in terms of having fire before mortals. Rendered in what looks (to my poor, uneducated eyes) to be lush watercolors and beautiful background textures like art paper, you will devour this reimagining of our gods and their lives.

How to Become a Dragon

Taking us on a sweet ride through Korean folklore, How to Become a Dragon is all about dealing with ancestral karma, studying hard to pass tests, and making unlikely friends. If you’re hungry for something different than standard Western stories, settle in with this one. You will likely never again come across a story about ancient beings struggling through finals.

Witch Creek Road

Did you know that it was once popular to tell horror stories during the long winter months? I guess there was something about being trapped inside, in the dark, that really set people on edge and served as the perfect backdrop. If you want to hunker down like your ancestors did and embrace the allure of the creepy, Witch Creek Road is the webcomic for you. It’s definitely Lovecraftian in nature, with extra dimensions, unstoppable monsters that defy comprehension, and brutal deaths. It’s also amazingly beautiful, and the art style is truly captivating.

Brimstone and Roses

Deals with demons are commonplace in this world, but legal? Yeah, not so much. This webcomic uses magic and demons as vehicles to explore depression, toxic relationships, and self-doubt. I am 100% in love with Bea, the full-figured main character who keeps pushing on ahead even when life throws horrifically sexy demons her way.

Dating with a Tail

The final incarnation of a fox who fell in love with a woodcutter who spurned her affections, Yunha has learned that if she doesn’t find him in this life, she’ll turn back into the fox she was centuries ago. To make matters more complicated, however, her fox-y appeal has guys flinging themselves at her, clueing us in to what probably got in the way of her previous incarnations and their search! This is a new webcomic, but super cute and full of wise-cracking old women, so it’s got my approval.

The Witch and the Bull

I’m a late-comer to this heartbreakingly beautiful webcomic, but that didn’t stop me from binging it all in one night (and missing work the next day). Dealing with prejudice, war, and a talented witch who does magic through her use of a bow, arrow, and constellations, I marveled at the art at least as much as I did the story. Here’s hoping it continues for a long, long time!

[Ashley Nicole Hunter is a founding editor and regular contributor of ev0ke. She also serves on the board of directors of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.]