We have so many stories to tell, more than it feels like we could ever share on ev0ke. But we also want to help others share their stories, earn fair profits, and inspire wider audiences. And we want to see companies do good in the world, like strengthen communities and help the hurting. We realized we can do all these things through our passion for reading and writing, and that is why we decided it was time to start a production company.

Sigil House Productions is the culmination of our deep love of stories and community, and the belief that having one will always create the other. It’s founded by Pagans, so there will always be positive representation of our community and a commitment to honoring the gods, spirits, and life. This has been a project that we’ve been lovingly tending behind the scenes, and which we intend to slowly grow into a source of fantastic entertainment, not just with written stories, but with podcasts, tabletop roleplaying games, and so much more.

We have our first stories planned out — which we’re eager to share with you! — and in time we’ll be opening up to submissions, pitches, and queries. We’re committed to creators earning 50% of all profit, and to non-predatory production practices that won’t see projects languishing in a vault for all eternity.

Stories were meant to be shared. Let us share them with you.

Visit our website, follow us on Twitter under @Sigil_House, at Instagram on Sigil_House_Productions, or on Facebook.

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