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Tarot Reading by TarotFellow

~ Essays ~
Magick on Mastodon: A How-To Guide to Decentralized Social Media by Gabrielle Nightshade
Teach Yourself Astrology: Four Free Resources to Begin a Relationship with the Stars by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ ev0king the Green ~
Herbal Allies for Learning Astrology by December Fields-Bryant

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Elen Sentier: Rewild Your Heart

~ ev0king the Question ~
Do the Gods Have a Gender?

~ Interview ~
Bill Duvendack, astrologer and author

~ Lifestyle ~
Which Zodiac Sign Are You? by Ashley Nicole Hunter
Zodiac Mantras For Your Phone by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Reviews ~
Of Visions and Secrets (Tenebris Book One) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
On Writing (And Reading!) Short by Ron Collins [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Spirit Rangers [reviewed by Sheldon Slinkard]

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~ Artwork ~
Stardust by Emerald Arts

~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Bill Duvendack
Chalk and Cheese: An Exploration of Folklore and Food: Wassail by Laurelei Black
Faith and Fairy Tales: Cinderella — Part One: Variants and Interpretations by Rebecca Buchanan
The Twelve Sacred Trees of North America — Part Twelve: Spruce by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Essays ~
Animism and Astrology: My Beginner Breakthrough by Scriba

~ Fiction ~
Geek Witch and the Treacherous Tome of Deadly Danger — Part Four and Epilogue by Rebecca Buchanan

~ Lifestyle ~
Essential Tools for Modern Astrologers by Ashley Nicole Hunter
A Winter Simmer Pot: Recipes and Uses by Sheldon Slinkard

~ Poetry ~
Horoscopes in Verse by Jennifer Elise Wang

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