Spirit Rangers

Title: Spirit Rangers
Found On: Netflix
Creator: Karissa Valencia
Voices: Body Bett, Wacinyeya Iwasaka Yracheta, Isis Celilo Rogers

Spirit Rangers is an animated children’s show that dropped to Netflix in early November 2022. This colorful, character-driven show feels like magic and is steeped in Native American lore! The story follows three young siblings, Kodiak, Summer, and Eddy. These characters each have their own challenges that they have to solve on a personal level while simultaneously solving issues in the Xus National Park with the help of some magical friends from the Spirit Park. 

Throughout the season, our heroes have the ability to use totems imbued with the power of the the Spirits to transform into animals such as birds, bears, and turtles. This power affords them the ability to enter the Spirit Park, an exciting semi-off world area where animal spirits such as Thunderbirds are battling with their own issues. 

I absolutely love this show! It is, of course, geared toward pre-school aged kids, but all ages can get something out of the program. It explores topics such as: confidence, self-care, and conquering fears. Lessons from which both children and adults can benefit. 

The colors of this show are vibrant and extremely detailed. It’s hard to look away because you don’t want to miss the amazing artwork. 

I have given the show a five star review. The amazing connection to Indigenous culture is timely and important. Representation matters and the tasteful use of Indigenious Spirituality really lends itself to all age groups! 

[Reviewed by Sheldon Slinkard.]

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