Teach Yourself Astrology: Four Free Resources To Begin a Relationship With the Stars

Image courtesy of Nasty Dulhiier at Unsplash

I’m blown away by the intricate, beautiful offerings our modern astrologers are putting out online for folks. But just like when I admire a beautifully tailored suit, I know that my pockets limit my spending. Not to worry, though…astrology may take a lifetime to master, but there are plenty of free resources to get you started on your journey! Here are four of some of the most highly recommended resources we’ve seen our circles suggesting, many of them being highly rated by those same talented astrologers with beautiful offerings I mentioned earlier!

  1. Bad Astologers Podcast: If you have a hard time sitting still to read, or would like to take up studies while on the go, Amelia Quint has you covered with her in-depth podcast. Sometimes featuring guests, always entertaining, this podcast makes you feel like you’ve got a mentor walking you through everything.
  1. Café Astrology: This site will not only give you a free natal chart to get you started, but it also has numerous articles on astrology. There are some very helpful guides to be found here, such as an explanation of what major aspects are in an easy to understand format. You’ll also find a calendar of upcoming astrological events, so you’ll never have Mercury sneaking off into retrograde and catching you unawares again!
  1. The Tarot Lady: Broken down into lessons like a class room, Star School has 34 sections to get you well and truly started on your path towards becoming a great astrologer. This is an especially great resource for anyone who’s taken an online class and really loved the structure, flourishing at a self-regulated pace.
  1. Aeolian Heart: When I ask more advanced students of astrology which site they recommend to learn more, I’m not kidding when I say every single one of them recommends this site. Signing up for the email newsletter will net you a free ebook. And if you like free, there’s also a podcast here, as well as a free webinar!

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