Intuition 101: The Intimacy of Intuition — Month Two

Welcome to month two of the Intuition series. If you have not begun your journey with our first installment, please refer back to month one and come back once you have that completed. We are excited for you to join us and for continuing students to dive right into a new and exciting lesson!

As we explored in our last lesson, Intuition is about an intense understanding of self, an intimacy you could say. I hope that your last month’s endeavors brought to light new and exciting elements of your intuition and self discovery. This month we will be taking a deeper step into our Intuition, and you will grow using one of the oldest forms of divination: fire scrying. 

Divination practices are ancient. Oxford Bibliographies cites practices of divination back to the 2nd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia. These early divination systems were used to understand the world around them, to take a moment to assess situations, outcomes, and warnings that may be surrounding the reader/participant. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of divination practices were not used to understand the will of Gods/Goddesses. They were used to see into the hearts of humans to discern energetic paths (Britannica). 

Now, what is scrying? “Scrying is the practice of looking into crystal balls, mirrors, water, fire, clouds, and many other things to see visions, find messages, and gain knowledge” according to Lucy’s Starza, in their book Pagan Portals: Scrying: Divination Using Crystals Mirrors, Water and Fire. Scrying allows the diviner to use a physical object to create a focused path to their intuition. Think of it as a horse with blinders on. They focus on what is ahead and that helps take away distractions. That, essentially, is what we will be doing in this lesson with fire. 

We begin as we will in every lesson: in our journal with a series of questions that will be answered, then revisited at the end. However, this time you will notice there is a slight variation to the question following your exercise. So, stay tuned for that!

The Questions
What do I expect to see in the flame?

What questions do I want answered?

How confident am I in my ability to fire scry?

Make sure to write the questions and answers in your journal. Allow your intuition to answer the questions. Don’t overthink. This is an exercise in trust. The first thought that comes into your head is the best thought at this point. We will get into discernment in a later lesson. 

The Exercise
Fire scrying can be done in many different ways. Feel free to use a candle (either flame, or electric), a bonfire, or a fireplace. Alternatively, I have seen some people who are without the above mentioned tools use an electronic device such as an internet router that has a flashing light. The light can represent the flame. Always remember, intuition comes from within, not from the tool you use! 

Now that you have found the source of the “flame” you’ll use, go ahead and find a comfortable place where you can see that flame and not be disturbed. In this exercise, we are learning the use of the tool and how it can strengthen our connection to our intuition, so make sure you are comfortable.

Set a timer for five minutes — no more, no less. Ideally you’ll have all other light sources turned off, but that is not a requirement. You can have lights on if you feel you need them. 

Look into the flame as if you are trying to see through it to the other side. Notice how the “deeper” into the flame you get the more your intuition starts to spark. Notice how your body reacts the more your intuition activates. Some people will feel a pressure on their back, or a tingling sensation; others will start to hear a song in their head, one that they have not thought of in years! Intuition will always give you a clue when it is present, so be … present! 

Mentally take note of any thoughts or feelings that you experience during this time. Are you weightless or heavy? Are you recalling memories or are you finding a sense of relaxation? 

Once the timer rings, immediately write down what you experienced in your journal. Take extra care to write down what memories come to mind. These will be important in a future lesson. 

After you have placed your observations in your journal it is time to answer the questions from the beginning of the lesson again, but there will be a slight variation this time. 

The Questions
What did the flame feel like when my intuition opened?

What Questions did I ask, if any?

How confident am I now in my ability to Fire Scry?

Take a moment to reflect on the new answers versus your first answers. Did they change? Are you more confident? 

These lessons are presented in monthly installments and are designed for you to do the exercises at least once a week during the lesson month. You will start to notice your intuition activating quicker and quicker the more you do this. Intuition is a spiritual muscle that needs to be worked.

We invite you to write in the comments about your experiences and to interact with the community of other learners if you see fit! 

Thank you and see you next month! 

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[Written by Sheldon Slinkard.]

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