Title: Pagan Portals: Demeter
Publisher: Moon Books
Author: Robin Corak
Pages: 122pp
Price: $12.95 / $6.99

In Pagan Portals: Demeter Robin Corak takes us on a journey through time. She shows us how stories and myths from thousand’s of years ago, relate to challenges we still struggle with today. We learn how these trials impacted her and the consequences of her grief on the world.  Many of us may have read the story of Persephone and Hades, but Corak puts those stories in perspective.

The book has journal questions to help not only what you have just read, but also make you think of your own trials and how they impacted your life and of those around you The questions are positioned perfectly throughout the book. 

In the second chapter we learn that Demeter has many roles from her authority over harvests and grains, guardian, protector, to lawgiver, to name just a few. We also get instruction on Rites, Rituals, and Practices that are complete with not only instructions but also things you need to complete them. These include manifestation magick, how to connect with and honor Demeter, and dealing with grief and loss. The author doesn’t just list them she explains what they do and how each one has helped her. She goes into a much more detailed explanation of the importance of this Goddess and her part in the Greek pantheon. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. It goes beyond what I ever expected. I love how the journal questions come after each chapter instead of at the end. It helps us go into the next one with a deeper understanding of not only the stories, but of ourselves. Reading it has taught me more than I have ever read before about Demeter, which only makes me want to learn more. This book is so beautifully written it leaves you ready for the next one. I am certainly now a fan.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in mythology, or in connecting to Demeter’ and incorporating her into their own life.

[Reviewed by Chastity Heather King, who has been published in Eternal Haunted Summer, Aphelion Magazine, The Big Book of Poetry, and Guts and Gore Anthology.]

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