Confession: I like to collect tarot and oracle decks. My friends, it is an expensive hobby, but it’s a lot like collecting art and much easier to store! However, there have been times in my life when I certainly couldn’t afford a shiny new deck, and all of the decks I’d had were lost or stolen. Let me be the person for you that I wish I’d had for me, and offer you a set of free oracle cards. Is there anything better than free? I think not

Now, I’m not a rich woman, so you’ll forgive me if I’m not covering printing, shipping, and packaging. Instead, each month ev0ke is going to toss up a new batch of cards themed around great writers and the inspiring things they’ve said. Use them like oracle cards for any situation in your life. Not sure if your partner is creeping? Oscar Wilde is there for you. Need to reconnect with nature? Thoreau is coming in strong. Free books at libraries got me through some of the worst parts of my life, so it seems natural that I should pay tribute to them by marrying them to my hobby here.

Each month we’ll release a fresh set of cards for you to download, print, and cut. [The first set can be found here!] You can even laminate them if you wish, or put them in protective card sleeves! Just remember to set your printer to print both front and back so that each card has a backing obscuring the writing. This will help to keep you from subconsciously being influenced when you shuffle and pull the cards.

Not wild about the authors or quotes selected? Not to worry! Each month we’ll also put out blank cards for you to fill in with the authors and quotes that you love the best. In this way, your oracle deck will be truly unique and speak to you more than a deck that comes ready-made.

Enjoy, witchlings! May your year be a blessed one!


Between 1740 and 1834, the southern portion of the United States enacted laws that forbade both free and enslaved black people from reading or writing. This was only one of many injustices, but it stands out to writers as being an especially vindictive way of silencing people and preventing them from expressing themselves with a wide audience. While today we can enjoy the writings of black authors from all walks of life, we must always be aware of the countless voices lost to us as a result of hate, prejudice, and greed.

This month, in addition to some blank cards on which to make your own oracle cards, we present to you a selection of black voices to add to your expanding oracle deck. This deck is completely free, and we encourage you to modify or share it as you see fit!

Blank Cards

[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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