January 2020


The Arte of Fire by Rebecca Buchanan

Eleutheria: A Tale of Magna Athenaia — Part One and Part Two and Part Three and the finale in Part Four by Rebecca Buchanan

Ghosts for Sale! Satisfaction Guaranteed! by Rebecca Buchanan

The Pearl of the Queen by Rebecca Buchanan [Note: Mature Sexual Content]

Vesta’s Fire: A Tale of the Eternal Republic — Part Ten and Part Eleven and the conclusion in Part Twelve by Rebecca Buchanan

When the Maid of the Day Cut Her Hair: A Creation Myth by Rebecca Buchanan


Talking My Path: Brandon Hensley

Talking My Path: Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Talking My Path: Lisa Wagoner

Talking My Path: Zachariah Shipman


Occult Detective Magazine #6 from Cathaven Press [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

The Emperor Card by Bevan Atkinson [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]