Graveyard Rabbits, Associated and Otherwise by Laurelei Black

Mourning the Living: A Story of Freedom by Sheldon Slinkard


A Necromancer’s Guide to Not Dying While Saving the World (And Falling in Love) — Part Four by Rebecca Buchanan


Lupa — author, artist, crafter, and creator of The Tarot of Bones

Kyla Lee Ward — author, poet, and Ghost Host


The Ghost in the Book: Recommended Reading Featuring Ancestors and Spirits by Rebecca Buchanan

A Rite for Our Covid Dead by Ashley Nicole Hunter

Setting Up an Ancestral Shrine by Ashley Nicole Hunter


Body at the Crossroads by Cate Martin [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Chili Cauldron Curse by Lynn Cahoon [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Dragons Don’t Eat Meat by Kim McDougall [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Wick by Megan Derr [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

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Spirits for Spirits: The Three Liquors I Require for My Practice by Ashley Nicole Hunter


The Bones of My Father by Rebecca Buchanan


Connecting With Unknown Ancestors by Laurelei Black