[This month, we sit down for an interview with Natalia Clarke. An intuitive witch, Clarke discusses her personal practices and beliefs; her new books on intuitive magic practice and Baba Yaga; and the importance of intuitive focus in spellwork.]

ev0ke: How do you define your personal spiritual practice? Do you follow a specific tradition, or follow your own instincts?

Natalia Clarke: My practice is based on intuition, be it a ritual, a spell, an offering, a piece of writing or any other aspect of my life or practice. Nature is at the centre of my practice and often my work is done outside. I work closely with the Elements. I cover the aspects of what that means to practice Intuitively in my book Pagan Portals Intuitive Magic Practice, in short it means instead of following a prescribed set of rules, what decisions are based on is how I feel and what my intuition tells me – from inside out, rather than outside in, so to speak. My inner voice, as my internal guidance system, is at the centre of everything I do.

ev0ke: Which Deities, powers, or other spirits do you honour?

NC: I work very closely with the Elements and can engage with spirits and deities of the forest, sea or mountains depending on what presents itself to me or I am called to do. My most comfortable place is with the Crone aspect of the Goddess and the most potent magical time is the darker part of the year – end of Autumn/Winter. In line with that I relate closely to Cailleach and Baba Yaga (more on her in my newly released book – Pagan Portals Baba Yaga: Slavic Earth Goddess).

ev0ke: You released Pagan Portals Intuitive Magic Practice in May. First, congratulations! Second, how did this book come about? Did you approach Moon Books, or did they come to you?

NC: One of the authors and editors from Moon Books read my draft and recommended I put my submission forward to them, which I did. It was accepted. I wrote this book a few years ago, although it has gone many transformations, as my practice had also done, and the time when I was recommended to the publisher was the right time.

ev0ke: At one point, you discuss how our intuitive focus should be “on pure heart and gratitude.” So, when we ask for money, “the focus should always be on abundance and gratitude for what you already have rather than on what you feel you are lacking.” Why is that?

NC: This is to do with what resonance you embody when you do the work. If you embody ‘lack and emptiness’ via your beliefs (a lot of them are unconscious and that is where psychological work must be done) you will block the flow of what you think you are asking for. The resonance should be in alignment with your intention, i.e., abundance and gratitude for what one already has, which often than not is already a lot despite what we might think and feel.

ev0ke: There is a great deal of discussion in the magical community about whether to perform spells under the Full Moon, or the Dark Moon. How do you feel on this subject? Do you perform certain spells under certain phases of the moon?

NC: I speak about this in the book specifically and this is where intuitive way of practicing releases you from set rules and preconceptions of what you ‘should’ be doing. One thing to remember is that your practice is yours and no one else’s. You must follow what feels right to you. I never do anything unless it is a clear ‘Yes’ from my intuition.

ev0ke: Intuitive Magic Practice includes several suggested exercises. How did you develop these exercises? 

NC: Exercises and tips come from my personal practice and experience.

ev0ke: You also contributed to the anthology, Weathering the Storm. How did you come to be a part of that anthology? And how can transpersonal therapy help us in this time of crisis and change?

NC: Transpersonal therapy is about being aware of our ‘wholeness’ and inherent potential. No matter how far we veer off from our original essence/inner gold, so to speak, we must always be aware that we can reclaim and restore ourselves back to the state of the original, what we were always meant to be. It is essentially the work of coming back to ourselves. 

We all have it within us, all the qualities required to lead a happy and fulfilling life. What therapy does it puts one in touch with themselves, making them aware of the potential within and the soul essence that is unique and looking to manifest.

ev0ke: You also recently released Pagan Portals: Baba Yaga. If you could correct one common misconception about Baba Yaga, what would it be?

NC: That would be the way of looking at her as ‘evil’ only and missing the whole spectrum of qualities within this deity. What we have been shown and told is only a limited perspective, which springs directly from our fear of the darkness and unwillingness to confront our shadow sides.

ev0ke: Where can readers find your work?

NC: On my blog Raw Nature Spirit.

ev0ke: What other projects are you working on?

NC: I am in the last editing stages of my debut novel. 

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