January 2023

~ ev0king the Green ~
Learning Tarot with Herbs by December Fields-Bryant

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Crimson Craft: Embodied Pleasure as Sacred and Magical by Halo Quin

~ ev0king the Question ~
What is your opinion of the increasing popularity of tarot and other oracle decks in mainstream and popular culture?

~ Interviews ~
Lyn Thurman, creator of Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles Oracle Deck

~ Lifestyle ~
Three Fast Facts and Myths About Tarot by Ashley Nicole Hunter
What’s the Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Decks? by Ashley Nicole Hunter
The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Part One by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Reviews ~
Cartomancy in Folk Magic: Playing Cards and Marseille Tarot in Divination, Magic, and Lore by Roger J Horne [reviewed by Laurelei Black]
Tea and Sympathetic Magic by Tansy Rayner Roberts [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Touchstones by Stephanie Burgis [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

~ Special Feature ~
Tarot Reading for January 2023 by Tarotfellow

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Bill Duvendack
Chalk and Cheese: An Exploration of Folklore and Food — Tasting the Major Arcana by Laurelei Black
Faith and Fairy Tales: Cinderella — Part Two: Retellings and Reimaginings for a Pagan Audience by Rebecca Buchanan
Intuition 101: The Intimacy of Intuition by Sheldon Slinkard
The Fool’s Journey: Setting Out on the Path by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Essay ~
Embodying Tarot by Mark NeCamp

~ Fiction ~
The Five of the Queen by Rebecca Buchanan
Painted Words: A Story That Repeats Itself by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Lifestyle ~
ev0ke’s 2023 Printable Planner created by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Poetry ~
The Arcana’s New Order by Michele Mekel
No Hero’s Journey by Leah Mueller
The Tower by Rhea Efthimiadis
Two of Swords by Keith Hoerner

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