The Arcana’s New Order

La Maison Diev (The Tower) c. 1890

Racing karma’s Chariot,
Justice calls out
the Hanged Man’s warning
again, again —

to every far-flung corner.

The Tower’s tribulations
rain down, down.
Our days remain devoid
of Temperance’s alchemy,
of the Wheel’s fortune.

The Sun has retreated —
our North Star no longer visible
on the distant horizon.

Only the Moon still bears witness.

Yet no Emperor shall save us.
No Hermit to lead us —
not even on a Fool’s journey.

Sapped of Strength,
the Magician’s wizardry
now bound and barren, as well.

Lo, the Empress, the High Priestess —
they, too, have forsaken us

to this ravaged World.

And, so ye Lovers and Devils, alike,
feast lustily on your gods of Death
at the Heirophant’s haughty feet.

Soon, soon, 

[Written by Michele Mekel.]

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