I Completed the 2021 Devotional Arts Challenge for Polytheists

It’s been just a few hours since I finished the last postcard-sized artwork in honor of my gods. For a woman who so often self-sabotages projects and hinders their completion due to crippling self-doubt and depression, this is nothing short of a miracle. But then again, this is the first time I’ve done something like this for Them.

About 30 days ago (it feels like forever, and also just yesterday) I read a tweet by @PNW_Michelle that laid out a challenge to create one piece of art, every day, if possible, in honor of the gods. I knew this was something I wanted to do, but I was also embarrassed at the thought of even attempting it. It was one thing to fail myself, it was quite another to fail my gods when I made a commitment like this.

I don’t tend my shrines as often as I should. I let my personal practice lapse often, instead choosing to curl up in my bed and sleep through my terror of life. But the gods have been so good to me, have seen me through so many things … and there’s something powerful in participating in a group offering like this.

The gods taught me things about myself, even during service that was for Them. I learned I work better when I have a plan, that not having clear steps laid out can instead lay the path for fear and doubt. I learned that it’s okay to not keep to a set schedule, to work ahead a bit so that each day you can do the last, finishing piece, and that it absolutely counts as doing the work that day. I learned that if you ask the gods for help and admit your weaknesses, they will meet you there so that you do not go it alone.

In the midst of all of it, I found Hera, and the experience was as profound and beautiful as anything I have ever desired from my path.

The devotional challenge is over for this year, but I’ve decided to continue it in a different form each month. Every day, doing at least one small work for Them. For Her. Consistency, my own, personal Herculean challenge.

The gods are so, so worth it.

[Written by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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