July 2022

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Morgan Daimler — Meeting the Irish Fair Folk

~ Fiction ~
The Magdalene Railroad — Part One by Rebecca Buchanan
[Content Warning: references to abortion, physical abuse, religious oppression, sexual abuse, and rape]

~ Interviews ~
Mabh Savage, author of Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Planet Friendly Living
Rachel Patterson, author Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Fire
Kerry Wisner, author of The Willow Path: Witchcraft, Hermetics, and the Hidden World of the Magical Arts

~ Reviews ~
The Fairy Tellers: A Journey Into the Secret History of Fairy Tales by Nicholas Jubber
Good Neighbors by Stephanie Burgis

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Essay ~
Pagans Are Afraid of Power, and Our Hesitancy to Use It Might Destroy Us by Ashley Nicole Hunter

The Twelve Sacred Trees of North America — Part Seven: The Pawpaw by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Fiction ~
Honey in the Snow — Part Four by Rebecca Buchanan

~ Lifestyle ~
Building a Relationship With Place: An Infographic by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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