~ Playlist ~
July 2023: Pagan Revival

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Morgan Daimler — Seidhr: Freya’s Gift to the World

~ ev0king the Question ~
If you could revive one ancient practice relating to the Gods, what would it be?

~ Interviews ~
Troy Kokoszka, author of Bogowie: A Study of Eastern Europe’s Ancient Gods
Dianna Rhyan, author of Staff of Laurel, Staff of Ash: Sacred Landscape in Ancient Nature Myth

~ Lifestyle ~
The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Pagan Renaissance Edition by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Reverend Bill Duvendack
Faith and Fairy Tales: Fairy Tales As a Gateway to Paganism by Rebecca Buchanan

~ Essays ~
Bridging the Gap: Exploring Folk Remedies and Modern Western Medicine by Sheldon Slinkard
The Face of Leadership in the Pagan Community by Sheldon Slinkard

~ Lifestyle ~
Living a Magical Life in an Urban Environment by Ashley Nicole Hunter
This Is Your Sign by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Poetry ~
Call to All the Gods by Rebecca Buchanan
Hymn to Gaea and the Holy Ones by Rebecca Buchanan
Prayer for a Gentle Death by Rebecca Buchanan
Prayer for Protection by Rebecca Buchanan

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