One of the most bewildering things about Paganism and witchcraft is that we almost always introduce ourselves by talking about the number of years we’ve been practicing. Perhaps we’re self-conscious about following such a relatively new path? Because make no mistake, despite grandiose titles like “the Old Ways”, we’re all of us collectively creating something new, only a bit inspired by our ancestors, but more often guided by our own dreams and hopes for what the world could be.

This month, we offer you a selection of oracle cards that bear the concepts of what it means to some to be Pagan or to be a witch. But as we are so new, these things are still being defined. What a wild, glorious time you’ve chosen to walk this path in!

If none of these words speak to you, fret not, dear heart. We’ve also provided you with some blank cards to put down your own thoughts as to what a Pagan or a witch truly is.

As with your own path, let your heart be the thing that guides your feet more than any map or book does. These two things working together will take you to where the magic and the mysteries are.

Front of Cards
Back of Cards
Blank Cards

[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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