~ Fiction ~

The Necromancer’s Guide to Not Dying While Saving the World (And Falling in Love) — Part Nine by Rebecca Buchanan

~ Infographic ~

Divine Love created by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Interviews ~

Andrew Anderson, author of Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaois

Roselle Angwin, author of A Spell in the Forest

Samuel David, author of Rod and Ring: An Initiation Into a Mesopotamian Mystery Tradition

Jessica Mason of Reel Magic

~ Lifestyle ~

The 25 Day Mercury Retrograde Challenge by Ashley Nicole Hunter

ev0ke’s Recommended Reading List: Queer Speculative Fiction compiled by Rebecca Buchanan

The Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Reviews ~

Headlines and Hydras by Rebecca Chastain

Old Norse for Modern Times by Ian Stuart Sharpe, Dr. Arngrimur Vidali, and Josh Gillingham

Twilight Run by Daniel R. Potter

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Essay ~

Traditional Witchcraft, But Not Necessarily Traditional Values (or, Gendered Magick is Passe, Y’all) by Laurelei Black

~ Fiction ~

Asphalt Gods — Part Two by Rebecca Buchanan

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