Pride is about more than rainbows and corporate sponsorships. It is a communal celebration, a joyous, defiant sign that though some seek to harm us as part of a twisted holy war, still, we live and breathe and dance and sing. We are human. We are alive. We are loved and celebrated.

We have so far left to go, so much hatred still to overcome, but we have achieved so much in the barest blink of a god’s eye. So this month, we celebrate for what we have achieved. We celebrate for our family who were robbed of the right to see today, and we celebrate for the family who will carry on the struggle into tomorrow.

As proud members and supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community, we offer up this playlist for Pride.

Always, we sing.

Always, we dance.

Always, we are proud of who we are.

[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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