March 2022

ev0king the Moon

Rachel Patterson on Moon Magic


The Necromancer’s Guide to Not Dying While Saving the World (And Falling in Love) — Part Seventeen by Rebecca Buchanan


Julie Brett, author of Belonging to the Earth and Pagan Portals: Australian Druidry

Morgan Daimler, author of Pantheon: The Norse and Pagan Portals: Aos Sidhe

Melusine Draco, author of The Witch’s Book of Simples

Trevor Greenfield, editor of Naming the God

Angela Paine, author of Healing Plants of Greek Mythology


The Mermaid of Seattle by Heather Blackwood

Spells and Sensibility by KL Noone and KS Murphy

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Protection Magic for Uncertain Times by Ashley Nicole Hunter

The Twelve Sacred Trees of North America — Part Three: Flowering Dogwood by Ashley Nicole Hunter


The Bull-Child of Bhennach by Rebecca Buchanan


Three Week Witchcraft by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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