~ The ev0ke Playlist ~
Cats! illustrated by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ ev0king the Moon ~
The Magic of Cats: Darkness and Light by Andrew Anderson

~ ev0king the Question ~
Why do you think cats have historically been the most popular familiar for Western witches?

~ Interviews ~
Steve Andrews, author of The Magic of Butterflies and Moths
Morgan Daimler, author of 21st Century Fairy
Melusine Draco, author of Pagan Portals: Breath of Spring

~ Lifestyle ~
The Nine Most Magical Cats in Fiction by Ashley Nicole Hunter
The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Part Three by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Reviews ~
A Brigit of Ireland Devotional: Sun Among Stars by Mael Brigde [reviewed by Lyri Ahnam]
Ghost Bar: A Hardboiled Magic Adventure by TW Allen [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Well-Hexed: A Dixie Tricks Story by Jaime Munn [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Art ~
Untitled [Cat and Lantern] by Gary Bloom

~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Rev. Bill Duvendack
Chalk and Cheese: An Exploration of Folklore and Food — Deviled Eggs by Laurelei Black
Crooked House: Folkloric Cunning Craft for Contemporary Witches — Eggs in Folklore by Laurelei Black
Faith and Fairy Tales: Puss in Boots by Rebecca Buchanan
The Fool’s Journey: Interpreting Symbolism in Tarot and in Life by Ashley Nicole Hunter
Intuition 101: The Intimacy of Intuition– Month Three by Sheldon Slinkard
Pandemos: Aphrodite for Everyone — The Love Goddesses and Cats by Laurelei Black

~ Fiction ~
The Dagda’s Cats: Beltane by Rebecca Buchanan
Saving Esmeralda’s Bacon by Madeleine McDonald

~ Poetry ~
Black Cat Haiku by Jennifer Wang
Planet of the Cats by Jane Campbell
Trips to Narnia During the Plague by Lisa Acri

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