Intuition 101: The Intimacy of Intuition — Month Three

Intuition is the relationship of the energies outside of us mixed with an intimate knowledge of self. We step outside of ourselves only when we are connected to our core being and the intuition that envelops us from within. The next step in our journey is to exercise our intuition using another divination tool, the sound of water. 

Water is a required resource to keep us alive. It is powerful, cannot be contained easily, and finds a way around any obstacle that may be in its path. We dive into this element to offer an hand of help if you are feeling blocks in your intuition journey. While we are using the sound of water, the power of water will help your roadblocks if you are experiencing them at this time.

This lesson is rather powerful and can be used throughout your psychic, oracle, card reading, intuitive path however you see that playing out. We will find that blocks show when there are stressful situations in our lives, or when we are physically drained. I personally use this exercise anytime I need to “clean the gutters” of my own energy so that I’m effective in reading and others and myself.

Now, let’s jump into the sound of water. Aural stimulation is a strong way to realign ourselves without having to jump directly into the elemental energies of water. When we do water scrying, we are, in essence mirror scrying due to the reflection water offers. Since Mirror scrying is a bit more advanced than we would like to push you into at this time, we will be using the sound of water to keep a tether to your intuition when the energy begins to grow around you. 

There are several ways you can do this exercise. You can have a faucet drip, or run. You can go out to a river, lake, ocean/sea to listen to larger bodies of water. However, if you’re unable to use these resources for the sound of water; then, feel free to play water sounds on your favorite audio player! The sound of water movement is the white noise of nature! 

We begin this lesson with a set of questions as we always do. Make sure that while answering the questions, you allow your intuition to answer them and don’t sit and think about the answer. Simply let the answer flow!


  1. What do I expect to experience during this Divination?
  2. What questions do I want answered?
  3. How confident do I feel in this exercise?
  4. What outside factors may be blocking my intuition right now?

Now that you have completed the questions, turn to the sound of water for the exercise to begin.


In a comfortable place that feels safe and secure begin your timer set to 5 minutes, no more – no less. Don’t worry, in later lessons we will extend this time based on the exercise we are doing. 

Listen to the flow or drip of the water. What do you hear? As you listen, do you hear other sounds? How is your intuition activating? Be aware of your body and your energy as well as the energy surrounding you.

As you explore yourself via the channel of Intuition, what mental, physical, or emotional blocks is your intuition running into and either breaking through or flowing around? Keep a mental note of these.

Once your timer goes off, write down all of your observations from the exercise. Make sure you focus on the blocks you may have experienced. If you did not experience any blocks, make note of this as well! 

Now that you have written down your observations, time to reassure the questions from the beginning of the exercise.


  1. What did I experience during this Divination?
  2. What questions were answered, if any? 
  3. How confident do I feel in this exercise?
  4. NOTE: This question was answered during the exercise portion.

We find many powerful realizations when we swim through the elemental energies of water and while we did not use the element directly in its physical form, the sound of water is the best way to introduce its power. 

These lessons are offered once a month, however, they are designed to be used multiple times throughout the 30 day period. We ask that you do the exercise and questions section at least once a week prior to the next month’s lesson.

Our comment section is open for your use to let us know how the lesson went, what you learned, and to connect with other Intuition learners! This is not required for the lesson, but it is available for your convenience and use. 

[Written by Sheldon Slinkard.]

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