The Dagda’s Cats: Beltane

[Author’s Note: The Dagda’s Cats is not the usual sort of story that we feature here on ev0ke. This is a coloring book script. We offer it to all of the educators, parents, camp counselors, and any others who find themselves in need of an activity to entertain imaginative Pagan/polytheist children. Below, you will find a brief description, a list of the characters, and the complete script, including dialogue and descriptions of the suggested illustrations. Feel free to print this out and share it at your next school day, birthday party, or Beltane festival. Hand out some crayons and markers and paper and let the kids loose!]

Title — The Dagda’s Cats: Beltane

Premise — Three supernatural cats in service to The Dagda. In this story they have to deliver a harp to their druid, which will be used at a Beltane festival. The cats must travel from the ritual site in the woods to the city and back again. They encounter various dangers and adventures along the way.


— Ciara: from the old Celtic word for “black” or “dark.” Female. Black cat with dark green eyes, and a torn left ear. Impulsive and brave.

— Fionn: from the old word for “white” or “pure.” Male. White cat with bright blue eyes. Tail cut during a past adventure, so it’s only half the normal length. Intelligent and thoughtful. 

— Ruadh: from the old word for “red,” “red-haired,” and “rusty.” Referred to as “they.” Red cat with golden-hazel eyes. Strong and fast, scar across their nose.

— Aurora: Druid and musician. Human female; age unspecified, but appears to be in her 30s. Short dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. 

— The Dagda: father figure, king, and Druid of the Tuatha de Danaan. He is associated with fertility, agriculture, magic, wisdom, druidry, masculinity, and strength. He is usually depicted as a large, bearded man wearing a hooded cloak. Most often shown with a magic staff, a cauldron, and a harp. He dwells inside Newgrange/Bru na Boinne.


— Frontispiece/Page 1: Ciara and Fionn and Ruadh are three very special cats. They are the favorite friends of The Dagda, the great God who lives beneath Brú na Bóinne. The Dagda often sends the cats out into the world to help Druids and bards and witches. The cats have traveled everywhere and everywhen, having grand adventures. 

And then, one day, The Dagda sent them to live with a Druid named Aurora in the enchanting city of Seattle …. [Illustration Note: famous Seattle landmarks.]

— Page 2: Beltane morning has arrived! This is Aurora’s favorite holy day. Ciara, Fionn, and Ruadh are excited, too. [Illustration Note: a small apartment, but with lots of books, plants, and windows for the cats.]

— Page 3: The car is filled with flowers and wreaths, cookies and cakes. It’s time to visit the holy well! [Illustration Note: interior of the car, with the cats looking eager to get under way.]

— Page 4: Aurora drives into the woods, high up into the mountains. Her friends are waiting to celebrate Beltane with her. [Illustration Note: Aurora pulls up at the camp, waving to those who have come out to meet her.]

— Page 5: Oh no! Aurora forgot her harp! [Illustration Note: Aurora looking horrified as she studies everything she brought, and realizes that she forgot the harp.]

— Page 6: “We can get it!” Ciara says. “Aurora will be sad if she can’t play her song for Beltane.” [Illustration Note: Addressing herself to the other cats.]

— Page 7: “We can walk the sun roads,” Fionn says. [Illustration Note: outside the car, with the cats looking up at the sky.]

— Page 8: “We should hurry. The feast will start soon,” Ruadh says. [Illustration Note: addressing the other cats; in the background, the tents and campfires can be seen.]

— Page 9: The three cats hurry into the trees. They find a beam of warm sunlight slanting down through the branches. [Illustration Note: the three cats, surrounded by trees and shrubs, a very obvious beam of sunlight coming down.]

— Page 10: They jump onto the sunbeam, climbing it high into the sky. [Illustration Note: they jump onto the beam like it is a solid road.]

— Page 11: They can see across the forest, across Seattle, all the way to the ocean! [Illustration Note: panoramic view.] 

— Page 12: Ciara and Fionn and Ruadh follow the sun road back to Aurora’s home. The harp is right where she left it. [Illustration Note: climb in through a window. Please note that this is a lap-sized Irish harp.]

— Page 13: “I’m the strongest,” Ruadh says. “I’ll carry the harp.” [Illustration Note: addressing the other cats.]

— Page 14: The three cats sing and the harp lifts into the hair, the strap wrapping around Ruadh. The harp settles onto their back. [Illustration Note: the harp floating, with the cats singing.]

— Page 15: Ciara and Fionn and Ruadh leap back onto the sunbeam, running high into the sky. [Illustration Note: exit through the same window.]

— Page 16: Suddenly, an eagle dives out the clouds! The cats hiss and snarl — [Illustration Note: cats look determined. Eagle looks hungry.]

— Page 17: — and jump down to safety among the trees! [Illustration Note: they jump, branches closing around them.]

— Page 18: “What should we do now?” Ciara asks. [Illustration Note: addressing the other cats, surrounded by branches.]

— Page 19: “We’ll take the shadow roads,” Fionn answers. [Illustration Note: addressing the other cats.]

— Page 20: The three cats leap onto the shadows created by the criss-crossing branches. [Illustration Note: they walk the shadows like a solid road.]

— Page 21: They jump from shadow to shadow, their paws never leaving the path. [Illutration Note: jumping between shadows.]

— Page 22: They emerge from the forest on the edge of the camp. The Beltane feast is about to begin! [Illustration Note: coming out of the trees, with the camp in the near distance.]

— Page 23: Aurora runs over when she sees the cats, laughing and smiling. [Illustration Note: her arms wide, happy after being afraid.]

— Page 24: She takes the harp, and then hugs and kisses each of the cats. They meow and purr happily. [Illustration Note: harp in one hand while she hugs one cat and the others wrap around her legs.]

— Page 25: Aurora and the cats return to the camp, and sit down by the bonfire. The other celebrants gather around. [Illustration Note: Aurora sitting on a log, the harp in her lap, the cats and other celebrants gathered around.]

— Page 26: Aurora plays her harp and sings. [Illustration Note: Aurora sings, while the cats look content.] 

— Page 27: From his home in Bru na Boinne, the Dagda hears her song, and smiles. [Illustration Note: musical notes in the air around The Dagda’s head, his cauldron and harp and staff nearby.]

— Page 28: The Dagda lifts his glass. “Well done, my friends! A blessed Beltane!” [Illustration Note: as described.]

— Postscript: Happy Beltane! [Illustration Note: the sun rising over Newgrange]

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