The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Part Three

Happy March to all who celebrate (look, now that the “big” holidays are over I’m just keen for any excuse to celebrate things, okay?)!

Though the theme for this issue is “cats”, I’ve opted to make this month’s batch of oracle cards more welcoming of nature and the wild in general, mindful that some of you may not be overly fond of the gorgeous little beasties (no accounting for taste, I suppose). However, if you’re feeling cheated by the lack of whiskers tucked amongst the oracle cards, you’ll be delighted to know that there are more blank cards provided, as always, for you to add in your own quotes. You could even build an entire deck of cat oracle cards, if you wished!

Still, if that sounds like too much work and you’d just like to have what’s already on offer be more thematically appropriate, get your own cat in on the action (or borrow one, if you can find a willing friend). Scatter some oracle cards out, face down, and see which ones the cat tries to bat off the table, or which are pushed loose when, inevitably, kitty decides to roll on them.

What purrfect bit of oracular wisdom do the cards have in store for you?

Front of Cards
Blank Cards
Back of Cards

[Created by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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