Princess Princess Ever After

Title: Princess Princess Ever After

Publisher: Oni Press

Author/Artist: Katie O’Neill

Pages: 53pp

Price: $12.99 / $9.99

Princess Sadie has been locked away in a tower by her wicked sister Claire, who is determined to keep the throne for herself. When Sadie is rescued by Princess Amira, the two go on a series of heart-warming and courageous adventures as they make their way towards Sadie’s distant home ….

I first discovered the work of Katie O’Neill with her wonderful, beautiful The Tea Dragon Society. I absolutely loved it and immediately began to hunt down all of her other publications. No, I don’t have them all yet, but I’m getting there.

Princess Princess Ever After is a sweet all-ages story about courage, self-acceptance, bullying, friendship, and love. Plump and soft-hearted, Sadie is given to fits of crying; she’s not weak; she is deeply empathetic and cares more for others than herself. Over the course of the story, she has to learn her own strength and stand up to her sister. Amira, in contrast, is eager to escape the rigid rules of royalty and forge her own path in the world; she wants to be a hero. Neither expects to find exactly what they need in another princess — but that is exactly what happens.

Each princess’ animal companion is a good clue as to their inner nature, too. Sadie befriended the dragon that Claire sent along as a jailer, turning him into a happy, almost kittenish companion. Who also happens to breathe fire. Amira is accompanied by a unicorn named Celeste, and everyone knows that unicorns will only help the bravest and most noble heroes.

Princess Princess Ever After is a terrific adventure for children of all ages. Recommended to fans of O’Neill’s other work, as well as fans of Zita the Space Girl by Ben Hatke, Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack, Korgi by Christian Slade, and Hilda by Luke Pearson.

[Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the Pagan literary ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer. A complete list of her published works can be found there.]