Pagan Portals: Fairy Queens

Title: Pagan Portals: Fairy Queens: Meeting the Queens of the Otherworld

Publisher: Moon Books

Author: Morgan Daimler

Pages: 102pp

Price: $10.95 / $5.99

They are the Queens of Fairy, noble ladies of the Fae, mistresses of the Otherworld: mysterious, alluring, powerful, and sometimes dangerous. But they can also be great allies and mentors — if they are approached in the proper manner. In this short but informative primer, Morgan Daimler takes readers through a brief introduction to fairy lore and lands; several different fairy Queens; and the means by which to approach and work with them.

Daimler has made a name for themself in the Pagan community as an expert on the Fae, penning half a dozen different books, as well as maintaining a regular blog and online presence (where they constantly correct misinformation). Fairy Queens is no exception: this is a fascinating and well-researched book, filled with information derived from both primary sources and the author’s personal experiences.

The book is laid out in a straight-forward manner. Daimler begins with a discussion of social structure among the Fae, then sets about introducing readers to six different Queens (the Queen of Elfland, Nicnevin, Áine, Aoibheall, Cliodhna, and Una). They close the book with an analysis of Fairy Queens in pop culture and literature (such as Titania and Gloriana), and how to work with the Queens. Personally, I found Nicnevin to be the most fascinating, the Scottish Queen “who rode on the storm and marshaled the rambling host of wanderers under her grim banner.”

If I have one complaint about Fairy Queens, it’s that the book needed a more thorough edit. There are a number of noticeable typographical errors (such as possessive apostrophes where a plural was intended, e.g. “mother’s” instead of “mothers”).

Overall, I found Fairy Queens to be well-written, well-researched, and inspiring. It makes me want to reach out to one or more of the Queens myself. Highly recommended to fans of Daimler’s other work, those with an interest in the Fae, and fans of The Celtic Goddess by Trevor Greenfield, The Cailleach by Rachel Patterson, and Gwyn ap Nudd, Wild God of Faery, Guardian of Annwfn by Danu Forest.

[Reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan.]

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