May 2023

~ May 2023 Playlist ~
Sex Magick and Music

~ Art ~
Devotional Collage Art Series by Ashley Nicole Hunter
Bast (Offering #6)
Loki (Offering #10)
Persephone (Offering #12)
Ereshkigal (Offering #30)

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Brighid: The Perpetual Flame For Everyone by Erin Aurelia Lund

~ ev0king the Question ~
What is your opinion on sex magic, the morality thereof, and its effectiveness?

~ Interviews ~
Irisanya Moon, author of Honoring the Wild: Reclaiming Witchcraft and Environmental Activism
Karen Tate, author of Normalizing Abuse: A Commentary on the Culture of Pervasive Abuse

~ Lifestyle ~
The Writer’s Oracle Deck — Part Five by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Columns ~
The Celestial Beacon by Reverend Bill Duvendack
Chalk and Cheese: An Exploration of Folklore and Food — Aphrodisiacs by Laurelei Black
Crooked House: Folkloric Cunning Craft for Traditional Witches — Sex Magic in Traditional Witchery by Laurelei Black
Faith and Fairy Tales: StoryWorld and Story Creation by Rebecca Buchanan
Pandemos: Aphrodite for Everyone — Aphrodite Porne by Laurelei Black

~ Fiction ~
The Spirit Is Willing by Kim Strattford
Sweet Petunia by Ed Ahern

~ Poetry ~
At the Mention of Grief All Queer Confess by Nnadi Samuel
Three Roses of Carterhaugh by Rebecca Buchanan
Venus di Milo by Anna Laura Falvey

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