[Welcome to our column, Talking My Path. Here, polytheists, witches, and Pagans of any tradition are invited to discuss and celebrate their spirituality in a series of five short questions. If you would like to participate, don’t hesitate to email us at ev0kepublication@gmail.com.]

ev0ke: How do you define your particular tradition or path? Does it have a specific name?

RJ: As a broad definition, I am a Heathen. But living in the UK I do incorporate traditions and the Gods that were worshipped on this island. Whether that be Anglo Saxon, Welsh, et cetera. In that regard, I suppose I’m more of a Brittanic Heathen.

ev0ke: Which Deities, powers, or other spirits are honored in your tradition?

RJ: While the Gods are important in my tradition, the majority [of my practice] is focused on the Ancestors and local land spirits. When I turn to the Gods, it is primarily Wōden, Thunor, and the Roman Vesta.

ev0ke: Among the various festivals and holy days celebrated in your tradition, which is the most important to you, and why?

RJ: When it comes to holidays and festivals, I’ll be honest that I slack a fair bit. I’ve always been useless with dates of things, and in this I’m no exception. Some of my Ancestors’ birthdays and death days are important to me. I’ll pray and offer to them specifically on these dates. Other than that it would be Yule, just to spend time with the living and my ancestors. When I become more established, I’d like to practice more on the holidays.

ev0ke: Which texts, websites, or other resources would you recommend to someone interested in your traditions?

RJ: The biggest resource I would suggest is Larhus Fyrnsida and the people behind it. In my opinion, they have helped immensely for paving the way in Anglo Saxon Heathenry. Of Axe and Plough helped me navigate through adding syncretic worship to my practice. There have been many others that have helped me along the way, such as Sundorwic and The Longhouse.

Book-wise, Culture of the Teutons has been a favourite. Dense, but a favourite.

And there is my own site, The Welsh Heathen, which is fairly inactive.

ev0ke: Is there anything you would like to add, such as creative projects you are undertaking, festivals or events you will be attending, and so on?

RJ: The only creative project I am undertaking right now is my photography. It would be a dream to do it full time. The best place to find me would be on Facebook and Instagram while I’m setting up a website. Whilst it’s not very heathen-related, I would like to do some Pagan projects at some point.