The Gods of Writers

The joke goes that as long as there are final exams, there will be prayer in school. Periods of extreme stress tend to lead to us rediscovering the gods who are there for us, and this is especially true for a writer during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you’re a brave soul who has undertaken the challenge to write fifty thousand words before the end of this month, here are just a few deities that you may feel moved to call upon. Be sure to pour out some of that coffee you’re living off right now in offering to Them!

  1. Hermes

He might seem all fun and games, but it’s important to note that Hermes is equally connected to matters of science and reflection. The overarching theme with Hermes is that if it requires intelligence, He wants to be in the thick of it. If your writing is relying upon clever wordplay, misdirection, or includes healthy doses of humor, Hermes is waiting in the wings to zip in and lend His aid.

  1. Odin

The All-Father didn’t hang from a tree for nine days just so you could give up on your research and write a half-ass story. The pursuit of knowledge, and the willingness to sacrifice to achieve it, are hallmarks of Odin. If your story is a challenging one outside of your usual wheelhouse and you could use a staunch ally who will hold you to the hard path, make an offering to this ruler of gods and men.

  1. Ishtar

Though She isn’t credited with inventing writing, She is depicted as having recognized the value of it enough to secure it and bring it back for Her people. If you don’t feel you have natural talent as a writer but are determined to succeed, call on this great goddess to give you Her blessing. With Her backing, you cannot help but achieve great things.

  1. Brigid

Did you think She was only known for tending fires and the home? Brigid is a multi-talented goddess, even as She balances so many duties and crafts. If you think you don’t have the time to write, call upon Brigid for aid; maybe light a candle or two.

  1. Thoth

Said to have been the inventor of writing and noted as being the scribe of the Underworld present during judgements, you might think Thoth is only concerned with weighty (hah!) matters. It’s important to remember that Thoth is first and foremost said to be a loyal, wise friend, who didn’t just write such lofty tomes as The Emerald Tablets, but also risked it all to help those He loved. Turn to Thoth if you’re approaching sensitive subject matter that needs a thoughtful approach.

[Written by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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