November 2022

~ ev0king the Green ~
The Herbal Spear — Garlic by December Fields-Bryant

~ ev0king the Moon ~
Ceri Norman: The Trees of Ogham

~ ev0king the Question ~
What Is Your Favorite Mythical Creature?

~ Interviews ~
Taylor Ellwood, author Inner Alchemy
Brendan Myers, author of The Circle of Life Is Broken
Katrina Townsend, author of The Anti-Consumerist Druid

~ Reviews ~
Curse of the Jade Phoenix by Dan Willis [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Pagan Portals: The Norse Pantheon by Morgan Daimler [reviewed by Lyri Merrill]

~~ Members Only ~~

~ Essays ~
Beyond Maiden, Mother, and Crone by Laurelei Black
Faith and Fairy Tales — Part One: Are Fairy Tales of Value to Modern Pagans? by Rebecca Buchanan
The Twelve Sacred Trees of North America — Part Eleven: Redwood by Ashley Nicole Hunter
Why Your Personal Practice Has Stalled (And Six Ways to Get It Back on Track) by Ashley Nicole Hunter

~ Lifestyle ~
The ev0ke Holiday Shopping Guide by Ashley Nicole Hunter
Musk Owns Twitter: What That Could Mean for Witches and Pagans by Ashley Nicole Hunter

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